Online value proposition in consumer electronics

Supported a global consumer electronics brand in defining their direct-to-consumer proposition and channel strategy to accelerate growth. ​ ​

Our work culminated in a concrete D2C sales plan tailored for different regional ‘archetype’ markets and including detailed specifications on price position, assortment, online experience, fulfilment and customer care, all of which are currently being implemented. ​


Our client had recently been carved out of a larger multinational and acquired by a Private Equity investor. A strategic priority was to accelerate direct-to-consumer growth, in particular through their own, newly developed online channels, as well as through third parties. And the target was daunting: to quintuple direct-to-consumer sales within 4 years. 

They tasked us with supporting them in defining the cross-channel strategy that would deliver on this goal. 


Working closely with the D2C head and key executive stakeholders, we assessed the various direct-to-consumer channels by territory to understand the competitive landscape, consumer needs and geographic differences, and from there formulated channel proposition options. 

We then defined what would need to be in place to succeed in each segment, and derived granular objectives to get there. 


The work resulted in a concrete D2C sales plan adjusted for different regional “archetype” markets. The plan included guidelines on price position, assortment, online experience, fulfillment and consumer care. 

The plan was endorsed by the Steering Committee and is now being implemented, including the organisational and platform development to support it.