Katy Gotch awarded Pro Bono Project of the Year by Impetus– The Private Equity Foundation

Impetus –The Private Equity Foundation have recognised Eden McCallum alumna Katy Gotch with their award for Pro Bono Project of the Year. The award, for impact and commitment in working with Impetus-PEF portfolio charities, was given in recognition of Katy’s strategy work through Eden McCallum for Resurgo Social Ventures, and celebrated at the Transforming Lives Dinner at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on 5th June.

Katy began volunteering with Resurgo Social Ventures in 2012 as a senior manager with Eden McCallum, following a fantastic tradition: Eden McCallum’s consultants have delivered over 40 strategy projects for Impetus-PEF and its portfolio charities since 2007.

Resurgo Social Ventures works with 16-to-24-year-olds and local employers to prepare disadvantaged young people for work and help them access sustainable employment opportunities. Katy worked with their coaching, consulting and recruitment service, SpearHead, to develop a business plan that met two objectives: building a sustainable revenue stream, and delivering quality employment opportunities to graduates of Resurgo’s employment training programme.

“This was a breakthrough project for Resurgo,” observed Jo Rice, Resurgo’s Executive Director. “Katy’s innovative thinking enabled us to have real clarity on our future direction.”

Eden McCallum’s enduring partnership with Impetus-PEF enables its group of high-calibre independent consultants to use their business skills to change lives. “The ambition of the Impetus-PEF programme is impressive,” says Katy, who has gone on to a permanent role as Head of Group Strategy with Home Retail Group plc. “I was confident that I was working on a strategic project and that I would be adding value.”

“For our consultants, the partnership with Impetus means pro bono work with real impact,” commented Eden McCallum co-founder Dena McCallum. “We are thrilled for Katy, and very proud of all the great work our consultants are contributing through our NGO programme.”

9 June 2014

For more about Eden McCallum’s partnership with Impetus-PEF and wider NGO programme, please visit our Social Impact page.