Social impact

Eden McCallum is committed to playing our part in ensuring the wellbeing and future prospects of our colleagues, independent consultants, and the communities we touch.

NGO Partnership

Launched in 2007, Eden McCallum’s NGO Partnership has delivered over 180 pro bono consulting projects to help leading non-profit organisations deliver on their goals and maximise their impact.
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Wellbeing and mental health

We are committed to ensuring that Eden McCallum is a happy and healthy place to work, somewhere the whole team can thrive. Everyone in the firm is paired with a mentor and has access to physical and mental health services and a range of well-being resources. We are thrilled to be recognised as a great place to work, for example having an exceptionally high rating on Glassdoor (4.7 out of 5 stars) and with 100% of colleagues saying they would recommend working at Eden McCallum to a friend.

This commitment to wellbeing and mental health carries through to our project teams. Our business model is socially positive, enabling independent consultants to do the work they love whilst giving them more control and flexibility over their professional and personal lives. In our biannual consultant survey, we track how it is working and on the 5 factors they view as most important for their careers - from client impact to work-life balance - they are more satisfied than their peers at traditional firms.

Volunteering and giving

We have a long-standing ethos of making a difference in our local communities through volunteering, fundraising and supporting charity initiatives. Not only is it the right thing to do, we know it is central to our colleagues' most valued experiences within the firm. Our fundraising activities include helping to beat cancer by running in Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life every year since 2002. We organise annual volunteering days for our teams in support of our nominated charities and other great causes.

At Impetus, we work hard to close the gap in education and employment outcomes between young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their better off peers, but we are stronger and can achieve more in partnership. Eden McCallum has been a brilliant partner, supporting us and the charities we work alongside since 2008. The impact in terms of strategic impact and operational effectiveness has been huge.
Tanya Curry, Interim CEO at Impetus
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