Eden McCallum client 365 Capital acquires Rojo Consultancy

We congratulate 365 Capital on the acquisition of Rojo Consultancy. We were delighted to have been part of this exciting development by working closely with 365 Capital on the commercial due diligence of the investment.

From our clients’ press release:
Rojo Consultancy is a leading and trusted provider of consultancy services, managed solutions, and software for SAP integration and business process observability… The company was established in 2011 and has evolved over the past decade from a consulting firm to an end-to-end SAP integration specialist. Rojo is headquartered in the Netherlands and operates globally from its offices in the Netherlands, Spain, and India…Rojo has entered into a strategic partnership with 365 Capital to achieve its goals of being the preferred partner of choice, catering to market needs, and improving its ability to offer value-driven enterprise integration solutions to clients.

Erik Berden, Partner in our Amsterdam office, said: “We are delighted to have supported 365 Capital in preparation for the acquisition of Rojo Consultancy and we look forward to the future growth and success of their partnership.”

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For the full press release from 365 Capital, please see here.