Omnichannel B&M organisation for a luxury retailer

Embedded a new omnichannel organisation and ways of working for this luxury department store group’s buying and merchandising functions.

We worked with this long-standing client to model their ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ B&M processes and structures, frame options and tradeoffs, and detail the agreed structure and implementation plans. We then supported the first wave of their successful rollout, which would enhance stock availability and customer service, while also future-proofing the organisation for ever-accelerating online growth.


Having worked with this client on numerous strategic issues, from the evolution of the international ultra high net worth segment, to international growth opportunities and re-imagining their loyalty programme, we were asked to help refine and embed a new omnichannel buying and merchandising organisational structure.

The client valued our knowledge of their business and the luxury retail sector. Our team lead was a senior retail consultant who had also been CEO of two smaller luxury fashion brands.


Our team structured the project approach and led interviews and workshops. We mapped the ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ processes and accompanying organisation structure, modelled costs and activities, developed organisational options and framed trade-offs.

We then documented the agreed structure, responsibilities and ways of working, and developed a high-level internal communications plan to present and explain the changes.


The new omnichannel buying and merchandising organisational structure and ways of working were endorsed by the executive leadership and rolled out. Implementation for the first handful of key departments was supported by our team, and a plan was created for the roll-out across all remaining departments.

In a subsequent phase of work, we supported the integration of a separate group of stores into the new structure.

Stock availability and customer service, in particular online, have already improved significantly.