Diversity & Inclusion

As a consulting firm founded by two female entrepreneurs, Eden McCallum has diversity and inclusion at its core.

Our commitment

Eden McCallum was founded on the principle of working with the best people, whoever they are and whatever their backgrounds. We aspire to build an empowered, high-performing and efficient organisation and believe that a culture where inclusiveness is second nature, not just an initiative, is essential to that.

Closing the pay gap

Our research shows that the 30% gap between male and female consultants' full-time equivalent pay at traditional consulting firms drops to almost nil when they work as independents.

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Amplifying our impact

Our NGO Partnership, a pro bono consulting programme, allows us to leverage our experience in diversity. Recent projects have included addressing diversity challenges in the financial services and technology sectors, as well as supporting our NGO Partner, Impetus, with their own D&I strategy.

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