Under New Management: How Leading Organisations Are Upending Business as Usual

Do open-floor plans really work – or do they make employees miserable? Are there companies which really put their employees’ welfare first, and their clients second?  Are annual performance reviews really necessary?

In his new book Under New Management author Dr. David Burkus challenges long-established principles of business management. According to Burkus, “…the best companies are already breaking the old rules.  At Volkswagen, email is now restricted to certain hours, so that employees can work without distraction. Netflix no longer has a standard vacation policy of 2-3 weeks, but instructs employees to take off as much time as they feel they need. At Morningstar Farms, there are no managers at all, the employees govern themselves. And at Zappos, new employees are given the option to quit and get paid for it.”

In a chapter entitled ‘Write the Org Chart in Pencil’, Burkus takes a closer look at Eden McCallum, and how the firm has successfully re-written the rules of its industry.