A toolkit for any career

Samantha van Urk, Analyst


University College London

MSc, Cognitive Neuroscience

Amsterdam University College

BSc, Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Amsterdam

Propaedeutic Diploma, Political Science

Before applying to Eden McCallum, I studied Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL, coordinated volunteers in a refugee camp, graduated with a major in pre-med from Amsterdam University College, spent time as an emergency aid worker on the shores of Lesbos, and worked as a Behavioural Science consultant at a start-up company in London.

What do neuroscience, refugee work, medicine and consulting have in common, you might wonder. In all honesty, I had studied and worked in these various fields mainly because I have many interests, a love for relatively short-lived projects, and an aversion to working without passion.

Before I realised that management consulting was a profession, I had almost given into the idea of either becoming a researcher who would perhaps somewhat unhappily spend the rest of her life solitarily exploring neurons, or a VW-van-owner kick-starting her own wacky projects… That was until I met a consultant who told me that there are some great employers – such as Eden McCallum – who perhaps might value my generalist skills.

Now, nearly 2 years into the job, I am extremely happy I decided to work in strategy consulting. I can still take my career in many different directions, now equipped with a solid professional toolkit. It probably sounds cliché, but the more projects I work on, the more I realise that the ability to structure problems and take an executive view from day 1 is really something that sets you apart. After Eden McCallum, you can apply this to whatever and wherever you want.

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