Ever challenging journey

Renske Kroeze, Associate Consultant


University of Amsterdam

MSc (research), Psychology
BSc, Psychology
BSc, Political Science

During my degree in psychology and political sciences, I was always discovering different areas. I liked doing research, deep diving into a complex topic and analysing it from different angles. Also, I loved starting innovative projects as an entrepreneur and collaborating with people from different backgrounds. When I graduated, I wanted to continue discovering. This was exactly what attracted me to Eden McCallum: The ability to do projects in different industries and functional areas, with a diverse group of driven people. Doing work that is analytical, creative and relational in nature, at a high pace. All whilst building a toolkit of skills that would be transferable to whatever challenge I feel like taking on next.

I must say this is exactly what my experience with Eden McCallum has been: I have worked in the consumer goods and financial services industries on projects from strategy to implementation. Right from the start I was challenged to develop new skills and stretch my comfort zone. I felt there was a strong foundation to fall back on, in the form of the invaluable training I received the first three weeks, and at least one day each month after that, and the feedback I received from my managers. All were very supportive to let me succeed and give me as much responsibility and independence as I could manage.

That has resulted in a broad toolkit (which may never be finished!) which enables me to quickly grasp, structure and present the essence of challenging problems and their solutions. Also, I feel questioning the underlying needs of clients and maximum impact has become natural and helps me to scope our work effectively. Therefore, when I moved to a public sector consulting firm, I felt the foundation I received at Eden McCallum gave me a head start. After a while there, and a move to another country, I didn’t have to think twice about where I wanted to continue my professional journey. Being back at Eden McCallum has again been a great experience, with lots of challenges, valuable feedback and fun collaborations. The strong relationships amongst the analysts and consultants, and the many social events in the office made me feel at home again very quickly. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll stop developing myself anytime soon.

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