Diverse work, and lasting impact for clients

Querine Bulthuis, Associate Consultant


University of St. Gallen

MA, Strategy and International Management

Erasmus University of Rotterdam

MSc, Organisational Change and Consulting

BA, International Business Administration

I have always had a broad set of interests and enjoy being surrounded by a wide variety of people, topics and ideas. Looking back at multiple diverse projects, my first year as an Eden McCallum analyst has nurtured my natural curiosity: from improving a customer journey, to getting to know the meat processing industry, to developing a digital strategy, and pricing commodity products.

What stood out across the projects was the high level of interaction with the client. Often our team would be part of a broader client team, in which we would collaborate closely to achieve the project objectives. Such strong client engagement, I believe, is instrumental to changing and empowering the client even after the consultant team has left. Working with our independent consultants too, I noticed that their experience in their respective industries (on top of their consulting experience) equip them with the approach and attitude to create lasting impact. It is exactly making such an impact that has driven me to become a consultant. It also means you have high client exposure from the start.

From my first project onwards, I received significant responsibility, which has proven exciting and challenging at the same time. Imagine leading a client taskforce, rolling-out a customer satisfaction tool or presenting your analyses to the CEO. The team has often pushed me outside my comfort zone and allowed me to grow accordingly. Eden McCallum’s extensive training programme has further contributed to feeling competent to tackle these challenges.

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