Personalised Support

Micha van Veldhuizen, Associate Consultant, NL


Delft University of Technology

MSc, Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management

BSc, Engineering and Policy Analysis

Since starting at Eden McCallum over 3 years ago, my cohort and I have all developed initial ‘spikes’ in our skillset. Just as skill spikes become clear, so do personal challenges, becoming more and more specific to each individual over time. In my particular case, I started at Eden McCallum with a lot of modelling projects, developing strong quantitative analyses skills. One of my challenges was around leading on an interpersonal level with little or no analysis work to fall back on, trusting myself to play a leading role in shaping a project from day one.

To truly make quick progress on such issues, there is nothing that beats personal attention and in my third and fourth year, Eden McCallum made this available – support from my mentor and the one-to-one coaching sessions from the brilliant professional coach we work with in Amsterdam in particular have been of great help! Having been involved in my development since my first year, my mentor often made time for advice or just as a sounding board on challenging projects, even at inconvenient times if needed. From the professional coaching sessions, I have come away with insights that would have taken me years to get to by myself.

I really appreciate the investment Eden McCallum made in providing me with this type of support at such an early stage in my career and believe that with what I’ve learnt, I am in a really good position moving forward to take on whatever challenge comes next.

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