Seeing the Eden McCallum analyst programme grow and develop

Martijn ten Lohuis, Global Operational Excellence Manager, Jacobs Douwe Egberts (Eden McCallum Alum)

I was one of the first two Analysts to join Eden McCallum’s Amsterdam office in 2013, having graduated from the University of Groningen. During my time with the firm, the analyst programme grew and matured tremendously: analyst assignments on projects were optimised, a more comprehensive training programme was put into place, and promotions were formalised – all while retaining the benefits of a small company. By the time I left in 2017, we had grown to an overall group of 10 analysts, and the Amsterdam office had moved to a new location that was three times the size of our previous space.

I left in Spring 2017 to become Global Operational Excellence Manager at Jacobs Douwe Egberts. In my new position, I manage the deployment of the strategy programme we developed for each of our markets. It has been a fantastic next step in which I am able to leverage the skills I learned at Eden McCallum – every single day.

We are only a small team of three, so I am constantly switching hats between managing the overall project direction and progress, and doing the analytical work. The foundation I built at Eden McCallum helps me to simplify and standardise the methodology to use in every deployment. New questions arise consistently in each market and the breadth of my Eden McCallum experience enables me to comfortably take on these challenges.

I feel privileged to have started my career at Eden McCallum and look forward to discovering where this foundation will take me!

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