Adventures in Central and Eastern Europe

Gabriele Sessa, former Associate Consultant (Eden McCallum Alum)


Imperial College London

MEng, Chemical Engineering

Having just finished my three weeks of analyst induction training in April 2017, I was waiting for my first project assignment at Eden McCallum when only two days later I found myself on a flight to CEE. My first assignment: join an international team to work on an organisational design project. The project required extensive face-to-face time with senior client executives in the form of interviews, workshops and problem solving sessions, and our team was on the ground working closely with a client team every week from then on.

Being able to work internationally from the very beginning has been extremely rewarding: it has allowed me to experience a truly pan-European working environment where most of the client contacts were from a different country and have themselves worked extensively around the world. As the most junior person on the team, I felt highly motivated to work even harder to prove my worth to the client and team. And as an added bonus, I’ve had the opportunity to stay over for a couple of weekends to explore various European capital sights and attractions, and witness both the FINA World Championships and the F1 Grand Prix!

International consulting work also comes with some challenges. In order to be on time for Monday meetings, you might need to fly out (very) early in the morning, or the previous Sunday. Workdays tend to be longer since the team tries to make the most out of the time abroad and maximise face-to-face time with the client team. Communication can also be quite a challenge at times, when everyone comes with different work backgrounds, cultures, and mother tongues.

Working internationally comes with its own unique challenges and can be demanding, but I’ve found it to be an incredible opportunity to boost my professional and personal growth, and to explore a new city and culture.

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