Patrick started out as a doctor, practising medicine in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. After gaining an INSEAD MBA he joined Bain & Company and worked there for 12 years, becoming a partner in the Telecoms, Media and Technology Practice and a member of the Healthcare leadership team in Europe.

In 2011, Patrick left Bain to set up a global high-risk security business. He continues to run that business, alongside working as a Consultant at Eden McCallum. Here he has led projects with leading tech and healthcare companies on strategy, expansion into new markets and segments, cross border integrations, and transformations. Most recently he led a combined Eden McCallum and client team to design, direct and support the preparations for a large healthcare integration in The Netherlands.

Patrick still finds time to contribute to the world of medicine, now focused on delivering and teaching forensic, remote and tactical medicine – treating injuries suffered on battlefields or at the scene of a terrorist attack. His passions for human rights and forensics have led him to help investigate mass graves, and to set up Guardian Cross Security Solutions, a foundation which provides security for medical and other aid workers in the most dangerous places in the world.


Your career is extraordinarily full and varied. How do you balance it all?

I would say it’s actually the pace and variety that keep me fresh and energised. I need challenges, and I find there’s nothing worse than getting bored in your work!

Most importantly I find fulfilment in seeing the work I do has an impact. Doing consulting, medical and humanitarian work provides a great mix of intellectual challenges and hands-on work, which all lead to making a difference in their own unique way.


And why do you choose to work with Eden McCallum?

Eden McCallum is a perfect match for me. I think it’s the future of strategy consulting.

What I find is that clients are looking for a personal, hands-on, “can do” approach. As a client partner at one of the big strategy firms you are forced to move away from solving the problem to selling the next project. Working with Eden McCallum resets that balance. Their in-house partners take the lead in the proposal phase, leverage their excellent talent pool to create the best teams for the project and provide all the traditional support functions of a McKinsey and Bain, so my focus can firmly be on the delivery of results.

Also, crucially, at Eden McCallum you are not assigned to a project, but asked. Therefore you always work in a team with consultants who commit to only those projects they have the expertise, passion and time for.

All in all, Eden McCallum is the reason I have been able to continue to do rewarding work in top-tier, team-based strategy consulting, while trying to make the world a safer place.


What have been some of the high points in your work with Eden McCallum?

I have supported a number of projects which involved working closely with top management to redefine their strategy. This highly iterative and challenging process has always resulted in tangible positive results such as share price improvement, alignment between management and shareholders about the 5-year plan, and investments in strategic M&A. All have been great experiences of working with clients, rather than for them.


In what ways is working with teams of independent consultants different from working in a traditional consulting setting?

With Eden McCallum it is striking how well independent consultants can work together. It is how you would always want your teams to be. The level of experience is much higher than you find in a “traditional” consulting team as everybody is there because of their proven skill-set; nobody is training on the job.


What would you say are some of the characteristics of a successful independent consultant? Any advice for those considering this path?

First, be selective about which projects you accept – only work in areas about which you are passionate, as being knowledgeable is not enough. Then be 100% committed to deliver, as you are personally selected for and associated with the outcome of the project. Finally, be a true team player – share your successes, and help others be successful.