Getting The Right Balance With Hybrid Working – Lessons From Freelancers

As we welcome people back from Summer holidays and maybe to the office too, questions about ‘hybrid’ working are top of mind again. With that in mind, Dena McCallum and Juian Birkinshaw have written an article that draws on Eden McCallum’s research and learnings on the topic from the world of professional freelancers. Two key points made are that:

  • Giving your people – whether employees or freelancers – more freedom to choose what, where and when they do their work is generally a good thing, in particular for productivity and motivation
  • There are trade-offs involved in decisions about how, when and where to work. For freelancers, these are made explicitly and the choices drive high levels of satisfaction. The employee who wants all the benefits of working from home and all the benefits of being a salaried employee is likely to be disappointed

To read the full article in Forbes, please click here.