Eden McCallum’s Top Reads

We have recently put our heads together on the latest books we have enjoyed and look forward to reading. Here is the resulting list of our top choices in business, economics, and geopolitics. Happy reading!

The Age of A.I – And our Human Future (John Murray Publishers Ltd)

Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and (MIT professor) Daniel Huttenlocher explore how AI is fundamentally transforming our society, the world order, and what it means to be human.

The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism (Allen Lane)

Ever-insightful Martin Wolf takes on the question of how and why the relationship between democracy and capitalism is falling apart, and the urgent need for radical reform.

The Earth Transformed – An Untold History (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Silk Road historian Peter Frankopan paints an epic and gripping history of how climate has shaped the growth and demise of civilizations from the Big Bang to the present, with deep resonance for today.

The Social Brain – The Psychology of Successful Groups (Cornerstone Press)

Anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar collaborates with leadership and organisation specialists Tracey Camillieri and Samantha Rockey to show how human groups function and how to shape high performing teams.

The New China Playbook – Beyond Socialism and Capitalisam (Swift Press)

Distinguished economist Keyu Jin makes an insightful and revealing analysis of China’s economic model, culture and vast success, drawing on her understanding of both East and West to explode some of our popular myths.

Material World (WH Allen)

A substantial story of our past and future. Engaging Sky News economics editor Ed Conway travels the world to excavate the ways in which six raw materials – sand, salt, iron, copper, oil, and lithium – transformed human civilisation and will shape our future.

Ravenous – How to get ourselves and our planet into shape (Profile Books)

Leon co-founder and campaigner Henry Dimbleby, author of Britain’s food strategy, takes a compelling and comprehensive look at why our appetite is killing us and the planet, and how the crisis can be averted.

Chip War – The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology (Simon & Schuster UK)

Economic historian Chris Miller reveals the fascinating history of semiconductors, their role in America’s power and prosperity, and how the battle to control the industry will influence our future economy and security.

Released in September:

Elon Musk (Simon & Schuster UK)

Acclaimed Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson reportedly shadowed Elon Musk for two years to paint this portrait of the fascinating and controversial disruptor.