Eden McCallum reaches “net zero” milestone

As part of Eden McCallum’s commitment to improving our environmental sustainability, we regularly measure our carbon footprint and the estimated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by our operations and by business travel, which accounts for some 80% of the carbon footprint of most management consulting firms.  We are pleased to have identified ways of reducing these by 50% from 2019 (pre COVID-19) levels* once ‘normal’ travel and working arrangements resume.

For those emissions we cannot (yet) eliminate, we are delighted to partner with Fair Climate Fund, a Dutch NGO which finances and implements climate projects that also contribute to better living conditions for people in developing countries.  Their projects are all Gold Standard and Fairtrade certified. Climate projects that meet the Fairtrade Climate Standard are differentiated by offering better social and economic conditions to the local communities that generate the carbon credits, including a Fairtrade minimum price, an additional Fairtrade premium, and ownership of the carbon credits. Find out more about Fair Climate Fund here.

The project we are supporting this year provides cookstoves to coffee farmers in Ethiopia. Currently, many coffee farming families in Ethiopia cook indoors on an open wood fire, which is a major cause of deforestation and particularly dangerous to women’s and children’s health.  The cookstove program provides families with efficient cookstoves that reduce wood consumption and indoor smoke development. Additionally, the farmers receive training on sustainable agriculture, income diversification, and efficient land use, through Fair Climate Fund’s established Climate Academy. Find out more about the project here.

We are proud to be reaching this milestone in Eden McCallum’s sustainability efforts, and we remain committed to driving continued positive environmental and social change.

*Note: Estimated, in line with UK government Environmental Reporting Guidelines and GHG Protocol Corporate Standard