Eden McCallum at London Business School EMBA Strategic Management Class on ‘Collaborating for Success’

It was a pleasure to join Dominic Houlder’s EMBA class on Strategic Management at London Business School on Saturday 22 June 2024.

Dena McCallum, co-founder of Eden McCallum, was the guest speaker in Dominic’s session on ‘Collaborating for Success’, and shared thoughts on ‘Redefining Collaboration – an Eden McCallum perspective’. She described the firm’s revolutionary innovation in 2000 – a consulting firm with no consultants on the payroll – and its evolution over the past 24 years, serving over 500 clients on 3000+ projects through its Talent Pool of 2500 consultants across 90 countries. Dena then outlined the reasons that people ‘go freelance’ and why they stay, with data from our bi-annual consultant survey indicating high levels of career satisfaction for independent consultants on all the things that matter most to them in their professional career, topped by client impact and intellectual challenge. The talk concluded with a description of the ‘relational form’ of collaboration (vs market and institutional) that Eden McCallum’s business model relies on, under-pinned by trust based on shared values. The class engaged in a lively discussion about the business, freelancing, and collaboration.

You can find a copy of the presentation here.