On-demand gigs are now lifeblood of economy

Going freelance as an experienced project manager can be a win-win for the individual and client


…Increasingly, there are also disruptive employment models out there taking the gig economy to the next level. For instance, Eden McCallum offers the skills and experience of a major consulting firm, but all its workforce is independent, with the company vouching for the people it takes on.

“When we began the business, saying you were a freelancer was another way of saying you were unemployed; now it’s a recognised and valued career path,” says Dena McCallum, co-founder of the company.

When they first started surveying their consultants ten years ago, only about 30 per cent said they would remain independent for more than three years. Now 60 per cent say they will and only around 5 per cent would consider going back into traditional employment. The gig economy looks like it’s here to stay.

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