1 in 10 who apply become consultants
in our talent pool

Internationally experienced

Our independent consultants have worked in every region of the world. They represent 49 nationalities, and between them speak 48 languages. Having lived and worked in different countries, they fundamentally understand the dynamics within and between markets.

Highest calibre

Our independent consultants have all studied and trained at internationally renowned institutions. Clients are impressed by the skills, experience, and raw smarts of Eden McCallum’s independent consultants – and by their personality and commitment as well.

Rigorously selected

Our selection process is simple, but the vetting is rigorous. All of our independent consultants must have experience with established management consultancies. We also take into account academic qualifications and industry experience. Only one in ten become independent consultants at Eden McCallum.

Remarkable individuals

We set the bar higher than traditional consulting firms. Working with us as an independent consultant requires not only strong consulting skills but also the ability to connect with clients as individuals and adapt one’s working style to their organisation.