Experienced, independent people
Collaboration and openness
Lasting impact

Working with us

As an Eden McCallum consultant you are independent, but not alone. Our consultants work hard but flexibly, and can choose which projects they do. They enjoy being part of a group of similarly high calibre people

Our projects

We work with many of the largest and most dynamic companies in the world. We have delivered over 2500 projects in strategy, operations, transformation and organisation, working in all major sectors and regions of the world.

Joining our talent pool

Our independent consultants are truly outstanding. They have backgrounds with top strategy firms as well as the pragmatism borne of experience in industry. They are committed, energetic, and adaptable. And our clients love working with them.

Consultant perspectives

  • “The quality of Eden McCallum’s projects is highly attractive. In addition, the control over my time and the flexibility that the Eden McCallum model offers makes a consultant lifestyle sustainable for me and my family.”
  • “On Eden McCallum projects you have real impact on clients. You are part of their organisation making things happen, so consulting and implementation go hand-in-hand, allowing you to see the results of your work – very satisfying.”
  • “I have been thrilled with the learning opportunities I have found within Eden McCallum teams, and the impact on my development has been enormous. In particular I have learned a lot from working directly with such impressive Partners.”
  • “Eden McCallum’s clients look for consulting skills, but they also want people who have operational experience and who understand how to get things done. Eden McCallum understand this and are very good at constructing teams to fit a given client.”
  • “On Eden McCallum projects I have learned a lot from working with consultants from different backgrounds. Not only isn’t there just one right answer, but combing different approaches often leads to better results.”
  • “With Eden McCallum I get to work with the best consultants on really challenging client issues, but on my terms: I get to fit my Eden McCallum work around the whole portfolio of professional and personal activities I’m driving forward in my life.”
  • “Working with Eden McCallum I can give my complete attention to delivering an excellent result for the client. It allows me total clarity of purpose.”

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