Celebrating 15 years of Eden McCallum Benelux

We were delighted to have recently celebrated 15 years of Eden McCallum Benelux. To mark the occasion, we wanted to work on a community project that delivered real impact for those we were helping and so we worked with Cordaan day centre ‘De Elzen’ in Amsterdam to help tidy-up and clean their garden.

Day centre De Elzen is a place that those with cognitive disabilities attend for a variety of creative and social activities. Some of the activities for attendees include service work on location, in the neighbourhood, or for companies that are all supported by the amazing staff at De Elzen. Coincidently, De Elzen also had a reason to celebrate as it was their 40th anniversary that week, so our hard work turned out to be a wonderful, and much appreciated, birthday present to them!

Throughout the day, our Amsterdam team joined forces with the De Elzen team and their attendees to build a garden pergola, repopulate the garden with all sorts of plants and tulip bulbs for spring, refurbish garden benches and tables, carry out a significant amount of de-weeding, and work on some creative paintings. We also prepared lunch for everyone, making for a very enjoyable afternoon and a welcome change of scenery from our regular working day!

We are very grateful for the hospitality and support at De Elzen and delighted to have left our mark with some key improvements for all at the centre to enjoy.