Target operating model for a UK development bank

Designed the target operating model and organisation for an economic development institution, underpinning its growth from handling £7bn total commitments to over £80bn.​

Working closely with the top team on diagnosis, and facilitating functional teams to detail options and plans, we reviewed, redefined and implemented a new operating model and organisational structure that transformed every functional area and enabled a significant step-up in activity.​


Our client was established by the UK government to increase access to the supply of finance through third parties to SMEs. 

Over a decade on, the market had evolved, customer needs and government priorities had shifted, and there was a need to refocus. Ways of working and overall structures needed to be reshaped for the organisation’s current – and evolving – role. 

Building on previous work we had delivered in customer segmentation and strategy, we were brought back to deliver a full operating model and organisational redesign. 


The target operating model and organisation design were rooted in the strategy, rather than the as-is, ensuring open minds and a sharp focus on the future. 

Initially, we worked closely with the top team on diagnosis of capability requirements vs current ways of working, mapping the congruence of tasks, people, structures and culture. In later phases, working function by function, we facilitated internal teams to detail the operating model and organisation structure options, going deeper layer by layer right down to, for example, detailed job descriptions.


The new operating model and structure were adopted and implemented, underpinning significant growth in activity without additional investment. 

Later, when COVID-19 brought a dramatic step-change in activity and focus, we assisted the client to adapt the model, which enabled them to scale up to themselves distribute £80bn of loans according to the new government mandate.