A great start full of opportunities, learnings and responsibilities

Zeping Zhu, Associate Consultant, UK


University of Oxford

BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The initial training at Eden McCallum has been fantastic. Our induction consisted of a three-week case, tied in with training sessions and role plays that were provided by very senior, often partner level, consultants. Simulating a real project situation in detail, our group of new analysts defined, solved and presented the practice case to a group of (role-played) clients, and received a solid foundation as we prepared to head into the brave new world of consulting.

On my first projects, I have had the opportunity to work with consultants from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from MBB, through L.E.K., to A.T. Kearney. Despite these different backgrounds and approaches, each team quickly consolidated our learnings into a coherent methodology to tackle the problems at hand.

The seniority on the project teams is unparalleled. This means that Eden McCallum consultants tend to be not only great at people management, but also interested in sharing responsibilities. All independent consultants I have worked with have taken a personal interest in my development – always prompting me to ask the ‘so what’, and giving me the freedom to control a greater portion of my team’s work streams.

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