International curiosity

Solene Madelpuech, Global Commercial Manager, Sight Diagnostics (Eden McCallum Alum)


London Business School

Masters in Management

Warwick Business School

BSc, Management

My drive to be in a culturally diverse environment has always been central to my life decisions – and my past year at Eden McCallum has clearly provided me with numerous opportunities to fulfil my international curiosity.

On a daily basis, I get to work with team members and clients from across the world, and approach problems with a truly global perspective. But more importantly, Eden McCallum has recognised how important being in an international environment is to me. On my third project as an Analyst I was given the opportunity to work for a Spanish company in Madrid, a fascinating experience on many levels:

To begin with, the project and my role intrinsically offered me a steep learning curve, but the composition of the team and working abroad added an international dimension that made the project all the more thrilling. I worked in a team composed of as many nationalities as team members (Canadian, Swiss, Spanish, German, English and French). Throughout the project, we came to know the Spanish culture and working style better and better, and I had the opportunity to use my Spanish language skills to conduct research. Being able to interact with our client in Spanish was a highlight for me, and getting to know a city as vibrant as Madrid during our team dinners or my post-work runs was an added bonus!

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