Training as a consultant - getting started

Michael Dinwoodie, Associate Consultant, UK


University of Bristol

MSc, Chemistry (with industrial placement)

My initial training at Eden McCallum was a fantastic experience and one I look back on with much fondness. Those first three weeks were a fantastic springboard for me into the unfamiliar world of consulting.

Coming from a scientific background, my previous exposure to the commercial world was limited, and the training was a perfect counter to this. I would put the success of the training down to three broad areas: it was relevant, challenging and high quality. In my experience, a comprehensive and well executed training programme, that covers everything necessary without becoming excessively long and drawn out, is quite rare.

Our initial 3-week training covered both consulting skills and all aspects of HR, allowing us to focus on developing skills without worrying about learning the ins and outs of the office separately. Running concurrently to these workshops was a mini project that we worked on as a team. This allowed us to both test our skills in a ‘real’ setting and to get a first taste of a project in a practice setting.

A small group size meant that there was no place to hide, but it also helped us to achieve meaningful progress, particularly in areas where individuals were weaker. In addition, the intensity of the training weeks contributed to us forming an incredibly tight-knit group over this time.

Finally, the training was delivered by extremely talented and passionate individuals with experience in the consulting world – a fantastic way to prepare new analysts for their projects. It certainly helped me during my first project, and I find myself often referring back to it.

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