Working with expert independent consultants

Leon Ammerlaan, former Associate Consultant (Eden McCallum Alum)


Erasmus University Rotterdam

MSc, Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing

MSc, Finance & Investments

BSc, Business Administration

For me a major benefit of being an Eden McCallum analyst has been the opportunity to work with independent consultants who are experts in their fields, both due to their many years of experience in top consultancies, and also in their respective industries. This has translated into excellent on-the-job training for me, including extremely valuable coaching with regard to building my consulting skills. The team’s depth of industry knowledge helps you to grasp the content much more quickly and enables you to add real value to projects.

During projects I’ve worked with varying teams; sometimes I worked in a small team with one consultant and for other projects I’ve worked with larger teams consisting of multiple experienced consultants. These teams are always tailor made to the project requirements, but they have one thing in common: the people are always the best of the best. Having both industry experience and top notch consulting experience these teams enable us to develop real solutions for the client.

As an analyst you keep developing every day, and a major contributor to your development is the team exposure you get on the client projects. The independent consultants are discussion partners who are both willing and have the time and depth of experience to help you develop as a consultant.

Hearing anecdotes, tips, and tricks, and getting continuous, constructive feedback from experienced consultants has been the norm at Eden McCallum – not the exception.

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