Eden McCallum was a spring board for my next career step

Kate Tonks, Valuation Manager, Nested (Eden McCallum Alum)

After two and half years as an Analyst at Eden McCallum, I joined Nested in January 2017 as the 7th employee, working across all of the operational functions (inbound sales, valuations, customer relationship management).

This was a huge challenge and required a broad skill set – which my Eden McCallum experience definitely helped with. During my time at Eden McCallum, I had the opportunity to work for a broad set of clients across the retail, hospitality, media, and house building sectors, while building up a strong analytical and consulting skill set.

Over the course of the past year, our team at Nested has grown to in excess of 60, and I have narrowed my focus to the valuation team. I am now manager of that team, managing a valuation team of 8 people.

Although the day to day work is very different to Eden McCallum – it’s much more reactive than working on projects, and you can’t often plan further than a few weeks into the future – I would not be able to do the job without the training I received at Eden McCallum, and the skills I picked up over my time there.

I am incredibly thankful for my time at Eden McCallum, and would recommend the programme to others!

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