Growing around smart people

Jamie Roberts, Analyst, UK


Rice University

Mechanical Engineering Fellowship

Cambridge University

MEng: Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

After finishing our initial comprehensive training period, I was immediately moved onto a large transformation project for a mid-cap FTSE250 company. This involved me working on a team with no less than five senior consultants, and two more senior analysts. These senior consultants had a broad range of impressive backgrounds, a couple of which included a partner level position at MBB, and a European director for a FTSE100 company. Working with these experienced consultants from day 1 enables you to get excellent on-the-job training and coaching, as well as longer term career advice from people who are the best in their industry.

Over my first month on the project, it has been a great opportunity for me to absorb as much as possible, whilst focusing on areas of personal improvement. Coming from an engineering background, I had always been used to receiving feedback in the same sort of way: getting an ‘X’ next to a question on a problem sheet or maybe a referral to a book for more detail. However, feedback is key at Eden McCallum and is part of the culture. Whether this takes the form of regular meetings with your manager, mentor, or members of your project team or whether it is just written comments on a slide. Every piece of feedback is vital to your personal and professional growth and will form the foundations upon which you can grow project upon project.

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