An opportunity to observe impact in real time…

Drew Davy, former Associate Consultant (Eden McCallum Alum)


Imperial College London

MSc, Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity

University of Oxford

BA, Biological Sciences

You could say that my experience as an analyst started in a slightly unusual way, since almost the entirety of my first year was spent working for the same client. However, this gave me the opportunity to observe, first-hand, the outcomes of many of my analyses, and see the real impact that I was having on the business. For example, during the final phase of the project, I was running the labour budget model for the client’s Nordics business. This involved creating data requests to collect the information needed for the model, managing the model so that it would be able to produce meaningful outputs, and liaising with the country teams to discuss the outputs of the model and adjust the results accordingly. When this phase ended, I could see the impact that my work had had, as it was directly implemented into the business, and is currently being used to budget their labour.

As part of the same project, I analysed and improved the client’s sales forecast algorithm, which was an analytical and time pressured project, giving me the opportunity to present my improved algorithm to major stakeholders. The outputs of the forecast algorithm were discussed every week, and, of course, had to withstand great scrutiny. However, it was hugely satisfying to observe the direct effects of my work. I still receive emails from the client telling me how high the forecast accuracy is!

Overall, I’ve found that working at Eden McCallum has given me a great opportunity to demonstrate multiple skills and learn from some of the best consultants in the business. It’s a great place to start your career.

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