A solid foundation for my career

Max Verbogt, Analyst


WU Wien

MSc International Management & CEMS MIM

Maastricht University

BSc International Business

After studying business for five years, a great period which allowed me to live in several countries, meet great people from all sorts of backgrounds, and connect with a wide variety of firms and industries, I finally decided I wanted to start my professional career in consulting. That was a long process, and then followed the equally challenging decision of finding the right place to start my career.

Throughout the interview process I got a very good feeling about Eden McCallum. It was easy to grasp the benefits of the firm’s model and how this would contribute to my development as an analyst. The prospect of working together on case teams with senior independent consultants with deep industry knowledge appealed to me tremendously. What ultimately won me over, however, were the interviews I had with the leadership team. At the end of the day, consulting is a people business, and the people at Eden McCallum were what made me certain it was the right place to start my career.

This was confirmed during the three-week induction program in London and the first few weeks on the job. The training accentuated the values that are embodied by the firm and everyone has been very supportive and welcoming, demonstrating that Eden McCallum is a great place to build a solid foundation for the rest of my career.

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