A solid career foundation

Max Verbogt, Analyst, NL


WU Wien

MSc International Management & CEMS MIM

Maastricht University

BSc International Business

Coming out of university, it’s not easy to find the right place to start your career, especially given the ocean of opportunities that is out there for recent graduates nowadays. When I was in the process of deciding what my first career step would be, an important element was whether the job at hand would set me up for success and provide me with a solid foundation for the rest of my professional career, regardless of the steps I’d take. With this in mind, I joined the Eden McCallum analyst programme in 2018, hoping for an environment in which I could learn a lot.

Having been with Eden McCallum for some time now, I can safely say that the programme doesn’t disappoint in terms of learning and development. Through a combination of extensive training and on-the-job learning in project teams, I’m developing a toolkit that is useful for any career. The regular training sessions are instrumental to build up relevant skills such as modelling and developing frameworks and hypotheses, while project work teaches you about communication and presenting analysis and synthesis, whether verbally or on slides.

What I feel really sets Eden McCallum apart from a learning perspective however, is the calibre of the consultants you get to work with. They’re typically very experienced (especially in comparison to traditional consulting firms) and often bring knowledge from practice as well, which means they’re a constant source of learning for analysts and associate consultants. This is further emphasised by the fact that Eden McCallum typically works with small teams, meaning that you often work directly with these consultants, without any layers between you and a senior project manager.

Through the projects I’ve done so far, ranging from growth strategies in industrials and electric vehicle charging to due diligences in telecom and technology, I’m confident that I’m building exactly the sort of foundation I was looking for.

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