Leveraging our business skills to change lives

Our NGO Partnership

Through our NGO Partnership, Eden McCallum consultants commit their own time to use their business skills to change lives.

We deliver strategy, organisation and operational improvement projects for our NGO partners ImpetusSave the Children, Virgin Unite, and The Royal Foundation, and for the charities they support.

The NGO Partnership provides consultants with a structured opportunity to use their business skills in a different way – away from the bottom line, just as focused on impact, and with highly rewarding results. Here are some case studies that outline the experience of working on these pro bono projects as an independent consultant:

We recently launched a pro bono initiative tailored for our Eden McCallum analysts which sits within the NGO Partnership. Read more about this and a recent project here.

Our work

Consultant and NGO client perspectives

  • “It was amazingly rewarding to work with such talented and articulate young people on an initiative to counter cyber-bullying. They impressed all of us with their openness and willingness to listen to each other’s experiences. We can all learn a huge amount from them”

    – Lan O’Connor, Consultant

  • “Working with Eden McCallum’s NGO Partnership has been a stimulating combination of meeting interesting people and completing fun and challenging work, while at the same time providing genuine support for something extremely worthwhile. If I have made even a small difference then it has been worth the effort.”

    – Lucy Hazell, Consultant

  • “It really did not matter that I didn’t have a background in counselling or mental health or education, as the consulting skill set was complementary and valuable enough to make a difference. For me, being able to do this kind of work from time to time is one of the biggest advantages of working on a freelance basis.”

    – Lynn Woods Strang, Consultant

  • “Lynn has been thoughtful, sensitive, so generous with her time and expertise, and always helping us to reach the desired goal. We are truly grateful for her utterly professional support all provided pro bono, her understanding and sensitivity and unrivalled commitment.”

    – Catharine Roche, CEO of Place2Be

  • “Over many years in consulting I have developed a deep specialism in my sector; the NGO Partnership allows me to get involved in completely different territory, with all the opportunities for new learning that brings. Working with such committed clients and teammates makes the work immensely rewarding and satisfying, and the charities are wonderfully appreciative of our support. After every engagement I feel I have contributed to making a real difference.”

    – Frances Mann, Consultant