Eden McCallum is ranked in the Financial Times’ UK Leading Management Consultants report

Eden McCallum is ranked in the Financial Times' UK Leading Management Consultants report

We are delighted to have been recognised in the Financial Times’ UK’s Leading Management Consultants report. Having pioneered this innovative approach to consulting, we are pleased to see the Financial Times acknowledge Networked Consulting firms as a core part of the consulting market, and are thrilled to be recognised for our market leadership. By working…

Going solo is ‘win-win’ despite pressure of finding new jobs

FT: Going solo is 'win-win' despite pressure of finding new jobs

FT: The Business of Consulting – Survey suggests flexibility, shorter hours and similar pay are behind a boom in freelancing, says Andrew Hill

December 2016

Developing sophisticated talent strategies

HR Magazine: Developing sophisticated talent strategies

A sophisticated HR strategy might come to form the very heart of a company’s entire business model. For example, strategy consulting company Eden McCallum offers a service that is not all that different from other consulting companies, but its talent management strategy – based on operating a pool of freelancers – is unique…

November 2016

Meet the ‘gig’ consultants

FT: When McKinsey met Uber: The gig economy comes to consulting

… a survey of 251 current and 108 former independent consultants in the UK suggests both the attractions and the perils of the role, and hints at future growth. Eight out of 10 current or former freelance consultants believe independent consulting will increase in the future. Even among a smaller control group of consultants who have never tried it, three-quarters believe independent consulting will grow.

October 2016

New firms mobilise an army of independents

Het Financieele Dagblad: Are intermediaries of independent consultants an alternative to established firms (translated from Dutch)

In no other Dutch professional services market do you find as many independents as in consulting. Most of these independent consultants source their own work, but in recent years a number of players have been established, which bring some structure to the market…

Het Financieele Dagblad, May 2016

Contingent workforce leads to new business models

Future of work - new business models

Eden McCallum has taken a different approach to management consulting. The company draws on a dynamic, international pool of expert consultants to serve its clients around the globe. Its consultants are deployed on a project-by-project basis. Most of them have extensive recent experience at the major consulting firms. A small in-house team and a group of young…

Digitalist Magazine, May 2016

Eden McCallum featured in David Burkus's book 'Under new Management'

In his new book Under New Management author Dr. David Burkus challenges long-established principles of business management. According to Burkus, “…the best companies are already breaking the old rules.”

March 2016

Launch perspectives: The new rules for success in Pharmaceuticals

Launch perspectives: The new rules for success in Pharmaceuticals - as featured in PharmaTimes

Eden McCallum’s new report, featured in January’s Pharma Times, explores why so many pharma companies struggle with product launch and what can be done about it.

January 2016

Happy workers make happy clients

Happy workers make happy clients

The British strategy consulting firm Eden McCallum is turning the international consulting world upside down. The firm, founded in 2000, is growing explosively and has already established its place in the top tier of the consulting market. The success factor: a new ground-breaking business model. With, at the core of their proposition, a network of…

Zwitzerleven.NL, June 2015

Accountants en advocaten gaan nu op de schop

Het partnermodel werkt niet meer

Het partnermodel werkt niet meer, aldus Henk Volberda en Martijn van de Mandele. Veel professionele dienstverleners denken dat zij gevrijwaard blijven van omwentelingen zoals nu in de detailhandel – denk V&D en Hema, taxi­branche (Uber), hotelketens (Airbnb) en de reiswereld (Booking.com). Het tegendeel is waar. Juist in de professionele dienstverlening is de technologische ommekeer pas…

NRC Handelsblad, April 2015

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Eine Unternehmensberatung mit neuartigem Geschäftsmodell kommt in die Schweiz

Eine Unternehmensberatung mit neuartigem Geschäftsmodell kommt in die Schweiz. Seit 2000 existiert die Beratungsfirma Eden McCallum, im April 2015 kommt sie in die Schweiz. Büroräume am Zürcher Schanzengraben sind bereits angemietet. Das Geschäftsmodell der Gründerinnen Liann Eden und Dena McCallum, beide frühere McKinsey-Beraterinnen, bricht in zwei Punkten mit den Usanzen im Consulting-Geschäft: Erstens ist ihre…

Bilanz, March 2015