Eden McCallum – Twenty years on – Consultant survey findings

Eden McCallum – Twenty years on – Consultant survey findings

Eden McCallum was founded just over twenty years ago, offering a new approach in the apparently mature and settled consulting market. It was to be “a consulting firm without any consultants on the payroll”, as one strategy guru described it[1]. This was innovation with a purpose: to make consulting better for both clients and consultants….

Disruptive innovation: successful challenger CEOs discuss perspectives at Eden McCallum event

Dominating a market is a great thing – until, suddenly, you don’t. An apparently healthy market position can be undermined fast. Success does not really prepare you for this. That is one of the reasons why incumbents can be vulnerable to disruptive innovators. Incumbents just don’t see them coming. Many firms would like to see…

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September 2014

Eden McCallum confirms partnership with Save the Children

Eden McCallum is delighted to announce that Save the Children has joined our NGO Partnership. This pro bono programme has donated over 70 consulting projects to charities in the UK and abroad over the past 7 years. Through our NGO Partnership, Eden McCallum’s independent consultants volunteer to use their business skills to change lives. Working…

September 2014

Katy Gotch awarded Pro Bono Project of the Year by Impetus– The Private Equity Foundation

Impetus –The Private Equity Foundation have recognised Eden McCallum alumna Katy Gotch with their award for Pro Bono Project of the Year. The award, for impact and commitment in working with Impetus-PEF portfolio charities, was given in recognition of Katy’s strategy work through Eden McCallum for Resurgo Social Ventures, and celebrated at the Transforming Lives…

Impetus-PEF Transforming Lives Dinner, June 2014

Of More Than Academic Interest: Eden McCallum featured at LBS Ghoshal Conference

Sumantra Ghoshal was a greatly admired professor at London Business School (LBS), who died at the early age of 55 in 2004. Since 2007 LBS has held an annual conference in his honour inviting business school academics from around the world to discuss “managerially relevant research”. This conference is dedicated to finding out what is…

London Business School, May 2014