Managing the Covid-19 crisis: Continuing to navigate through

Managing the Covid-19 crisis: Continuing to navigate through

Businesses are preparing themselves for a longer, but in some cases a less dramatic, decline in activity compared to the early days of the crisis.  This is a central finding from the latest Eden McCallum survey with UK office clients, into business responses to the Covid-19 crisis. In mid-September, almost 200 businesses shared their views and experience of trading conditions. There…

Health wearables: Turning hype into value-added services

Michael Edwards contributes to pharmaphorum's white paper on health wearables

Eden McCallum’s Michael Edwards recently contributed to pharmaphorum’s white paper on turning health wearables into value-added services: The needs of patients continue to be weighed against the burgeoning costs of healthcare. Against this backdrop, life sciences companies seek out cost-effective processes to develop unique solutions for improved outcomes. In tandem, public adoption of new technology trends has given…

November 2016

Future of Consulting Survey 2016: Independent consultants are happy in their work, delivering more value for clients

Eden McCallum, the management consultancy, in collaboration with The Financial Times, London Business School and INSEAD, conducted a survey during the first 3 weeks of June 2016, which reveals insights about the rapidly developing world of management consultants who are choosing to work independently of the big traditional firms.

October 2016

The future of work is talent

The future of work is talent - Dena McCallum at Management Today's conference on the future of work

What will work and careers look like in 50 years’ time? Dena McCallum, co-founder of Eden McCallum, grappled with this question at a one-day Management Today conference on The Future of Work, held in London on 23rd June. The panel discussion with Karen Mattison, co-founder and CEO of Timewise, Peter C Barker, market development manager EMEA for 3M and Ann Francke, CEO of the Chartered Management Institute, was chaired by Kate Bassett, features editor of the magazine…

September 2016

Breakfast audience with Lord Rose, 26th April

Breakfast audience with Lord Rose... the risks of Brexit

Eden McCallum hosted a breakfast audience with Lord Rose, chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe, which is the officially designated campaign organisation recommending that Britons vote to “Remain” in the European Union on the 23rd June this year.

Addressing a combined audience of consultants, clients and friends of Eden McCallum, Lord Rose urged business voices to speak up in favour of Britain remaining in the EU…

May 2016

Eden McCallum welcomes Cyrus Ditzel to its leadership team

Cyrus Ditzel joins Eden McCallum as Associate Partner

Eden McCallum is delighted to announce that Cyrus Ditzel is joining the firm as Associate Partner, based in Amsterdam. “I’m excited to be joining the team – I love Eden McCallum’s entrepreneurial spirit and the agility of its consulting approach,” said Cyrus Ditzel, who was previously a Principal with The Boston Consulting Group in Amsterdam…

April 2016

The new rules for launch success in pharmaceuticals

There has never been a more challenging time for product launch in the pharmaceutical industry. Approvals are at an all-time high, the market is more competitive than ever, and there is an urgent need to refresh revenues as a wave of products go off-patent. Centralised reimbursement and formulary decisions mean success at the point of launch is binary. The future looks tough… How can pharma companies learn from their past and from other industries to respond to the new rules for success?

January 2016

Dutch business confidence surges at home amidst fears from overseas

Dutch business confidence surges at home amidst fears from overseas

Dutch business confidence is returning, according to the second annual economic outlook survey conducted by management consultancy Eden McCallum. Just over 300 business leaders responded to a questionnaire sent out at the end of November. It is clear that while there is much more optimism about prospects for the Dutch economy, concern is rising…

Eden McCallum, December 2015

Local good, global bad – UK business leaders’ fears shift from Europe to China

Results of Eden McCallum's Economic Outlook survey 2015

Local good, global bad – UK business leaders’ fears shift from Europe to China

Confidence at home, some nervousness abroad – with nerves rising the further east you go. That seems to describe the mood of the 300 business leaders Eden McCallum has surveyed in its third annual report into business sentiment at the end of the year. Good news first. Over seventy per cent…

Eden McCallum, December 2015

Moving on – reflections from Nick Kirkbride as he retires from Eden McCallum

Moving on – reflections from Nick Kirkbride as he retires from Eden McCallum

This summer, Nick Kirkbride is retiring from the Eden McCallum partnership after eight years helping spearhead the growth of the firm. Reflecting on his time with us, he shared a number of thoughts on our development, our impact with clients, and his greatest highlights in working with our consultants. How did you come to join…

July 2015

Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s normal

Today’s creepy is tomorrow’s normal – perspectives from an Eden McCallum panel on the “internet of things”

Eden McCallum hosts a panel discussion on the “internet of things” and connected homes

It has been said, by the writer William Gibson, that “the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed”. As far as exciting new products are concerned there has often been a delay between the promise of new technology and…

June 2015