Analyst perspectives

Michael Dinwoodie
Training as a consultant - getting started
Michael Dinwoodie, Analyst
My initial training at Eden McCallum was a fantastic experience and one I look back on with much fondness...
Adam Baxter
Jack of all trades
Adam Baxter, Associate Consultant
Most people would say that one of the main attractions of a career in management consulting is the variety of the work, and it turns out...
Samantha van Urk
What do neuroscience, refugee work, medicine and consulting have in common?
Samantha van Urk, Analyst
What do neuroscience, refugee work, medicine and consulting have in common, you might wonder. In all honesty, I had studied and worked in these various fields...
Gabriele Sessa
Adventures in Central and Eastern Europe
Gabriele Sessa, Analyst
I was waiting for my first project assignment at Eden McCallum when only two days later I found myself on a flight to Budapest...
Tom van der Horst
Why Eden McCallum?
Tom van der Horst, Analyst
Once I determined that I wanted to go into consulting, many of the available options looked promising...
Berend Raadschilders
International ambitions
Berend Raadschilders, Analyst
I started to apply for different programmes with the focus and goal to find a challenging environment where I could be surrounded by brilliant peers and great mentors...
Zeping Zhu
A great start full of opportunities, learnings and responsibilities
Zeping Zhu, Analyst
All independent consultants I have worked with have taken a personal interest in my development – always prompting me to ask the ‘so what’...
James Manning
Social impact and passion for sports
James Manning, Analyst
As a keen swimmer and triathlete, I was fortunate enough to compete at a National level whilst at school and university...
Holly Mason
Getting to know a broad range of industries
Holly Mason, Analyst
Coming from a geography background with limited business knowledge, consulting offers me the chance to learn about several different industries...
Micha van Veldhuizen
From systems engineering to strategy consulting
Micha van Veldhuizen, Analyst
In systems engineering, my focus was on designing complex socio-technical systems, like the construction of a large power plant...
Leon Ammerlaan
Working with independent consultants
Leon Ammerlaan, Analyst
For me, a major benefit of being an Eden McCallum analyst has been the opportunity to work with independent consultants…
Drew Davy
An opportunity to observe impact in real time…
Drew Davy, Analyst
You could say that my experience as an analyst has been slightly unusual so far...
Ilja Hermans
Challenging yourself and helping to train others…
Ilja Hermans, Associate Consultant
I clearly remember my first three weeks at Eden McCallum: we stayed at an apartment near St. Paul’s Cathedral in London,,,
Solene Madelpuech
International curiosity
Solene Madelpuech, Analyst
My drive to be in a culturally diverse environment has always been central to my life decisions – and my past year at Eden McCallum...
Christiaan Lensvelt
What I know now that I didn’t know when I started at Eden McCallum…
Christiaan Lensvelt, Analyst
One of the most central points I remember from my analyst induction training at Eden McCallum is an emphasis on “feedback culture”. The first time you hear such a phrase you might be inclined to think that this is merely another business expression...
Querine Bulthuis
An interest in strategic problem solving with a tangible impact
Querine Bulthuis, Analyst
I have always had a broad set of interests, and enjoy being surrounded by a wide variety of people, topics and ideas. It therefore felt most natural to choose...