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Nicola Wilde, Analyst, UK


University of Cambridge

MEng, Chemical Engineering
BA, Chemical Engineering

Throughout my studies in Chemical Engineering I always enjoyed understanding how processes worked and relished the idea of my work having a positive impact on the world, however big or small. Upon graduating I quickly realised that I wanted to maintain that intellectual vigour and impact but in a business context, and strategy consulting seemed a good fit.

Having only just completed the induction analyst training program with Eden McCallum, I am very much looking forward to setting to work on a project. Our three-week program introduced strategy consulting tools and how we might implement them in a real-life situation, using a mock case study over the period to test out our new learnings. As well as this, working alongside the other ‘newbie’ analysts has been a great team working experience and an opportunity to really get to know the rest of the cohort. What has also been immediately apparent is the supportive, learning environment that Eden McCallum provides, which I believe will be a key factor in allowing me to develop as an analyst at the beginning of my career.

Deciding how and where to start off your career can be incredibly daunting, and I was certainly no exception to this conundrum. Yet, despite only being with the company for a short while, I am confident in the fact that I have made the right decision in accepting my offer with Eden McCallum and I look forward to the challenges that await.

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