Developing a wide variety of skills across a range of problems

Nick Ford, Analyst, UK


Durham University

BSc, Natural Sciences

Through my degree studying maths and physics, and a year of work in consulting, I have always found myself searching for opportunities to learn from people across a broad variety of fields so that I can build the best possible base of skills. While at university, I identified that working in strategy would be the best opportunity for me to meet these criteria, so started looking at various strategy firms. When I found Eden McCallum I realised that it offered exactly what I was looking for at the start of my career, with the ability to work so closely from incredibly experienced professionals meaning I would be able to develop skills and consistently push myself to keep growing. This chance to learn directly from some of the most experienced consultants, combined with the fact that I would have the opportunity to work across a vast range of industries on a wide variety projects building different skills was very attractive to me.

The initial 3 weeks training provided a solid grounding in core consulting skills, and a great platform on which to build going into my first project. I was then immediately put on a project in financial services and given the opportunity to learn very quickly and to utilise the skills I had been taught. My second project will be in a completely different industry with different people, tackling a completely new problem. This was exactly the variety I had been looking for and meant that I could focus on separate areas of development in each to help practice as wide a range of skills as possible – across market analysis, interviewing, quantitative analysis and many more.

This has all contributed to me developing a fantastic base of skills to apply to any strategy problem and given the nature of strategy consulting the opportunities to develop my skills forthcoming.

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